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Editorial Policies

Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing

Drug Science & Pharmacy strives to adhere to the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing which could be found in the DOAJ Web site completely , for details please check here.

Drug Science & Pharmacy has established a guideline for editorial independence as delineated below. The guideline generally follows that created by the World Association of Medical Editors.

  1. Drug Science & Pharmacy is operated by, which is publishing organization.

  2. The General Chief Editor is responsible for independent leadership of Drug Science & Pharmacy editorial operations. The General Publishing Editor reports to the Editor-in-Chief for all editorial matters.

  3. Journal of Drug Science & Pharmacy has one or more Editor-in-Chief. These Editors-in-Chief each have their own boards.

  4. The Editor-in-Chief has full authority over the content of Drug Science & Pharmacy and its related offerings.

  5. Content-related decisions are based on quality, importance, and value to the users of Drug Science & Pharmacy. Contributing authors, editors, Drug Science & Pharmacy staff are free to express responsible positions – even if these views are not in agreement with interests, policies or published research, editorial or commentary of Drug Science & Pharmacy.

  6. Each Drug Science & Pharmacy journal has editorial operations that are completely separate and independent.

  7. Any packaging or combined offering of Drug Science & Pharmacy Journal does not affect the independence of editorial decision-making.

  8. Drug Science & Pharmacy actively seeks input regarding editorial matters from the physician Editors-in-Chief in an advisory capacity, as well as from the other editorial board members, internal editorial staff, and readers.

  9. Editor-in-Chief of Drug Science & Pharmacy is empowered to create content and commentary free of commercial and organizational influence. All authors and editors operate without conflict of interest and all potential conflicts are disclosed.